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Work with the Florida Lottery

Employment with the Florida Lottery comes with benefits and a supportive work environment. We’re committed to offering equal opportunities to all applicants and employees.


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  • Insurance

    The Florida Lottery pays the majority cost of the health insurance premium (approximately 97.5%) and full cost of basic life and dental premiums for all full-time employees.

  • Retirement

    The Florida Lottery is a Florida Retirement System covered employer and as such provides retirement contributions for all regular employees based on their retirement class, if applicable. 

  • Deferred compensation

    The Deferred Compensation Plan (also called a “457 Plan”) allows for tax-deferred savings to supplement Florida Retirement System and Social Security benefits. 

  • FSA reimbursment

    The State of Florida offers voluntary Reimbursement Accounts (also called Flexible Spending Accounts or FSAs) that can provide you with a tax break on your predictable out-of-pocket costs

  • Leave accrual

    Full-time and part-time employees of the Florida Lottery are eligible to accrue and use leave. (Leave accrual and holidays are prorated for part-time employees.)

Under the Federal Privacy Act, disclosure of a person's Social Security number is voluntary unless a Federal statute specifically requires such disclosure or allows states to collect the number. In connection with employment, disclosure is required by 26 U.S.C. 6109, for tax withholding and payment reporting purposes. Various forms that must be completed in connection with the employment process request disclosure of the Social Security number, including, but not limited to, insurance applications, vehicle assignment forms and deferred compensation forms. Each form will specify whether disclosure is voluntary or required.

Under Section 119.071(5), Florida Statutes, an agency may collect Social Security numbers if it is imperative for the performance of the agency's duties and responsibilities. Notice is hereby provided that it is imperative that the Lottery collect the Social Security numbers of applicants and employees in order to conduct the background investigations necessary to implement Section 24.105(19), Florida Statutes, because the Social Security number is used as an identifier in the databases searched.

The Lottery also uses the Social Security number for identification purposes. The Lottery may also provide Social Security numbers to law enforcement agencies to enforce criminal laws.