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Join our network of more than 13,000 retailers

Our network of more than 13,000 retailers brings Lottery games to Floridians from the Panhandle to the Keys. Every retailer plays a critical role in our mission to generate additional revenue for Florida's students and schools. Retailers earn commissions on Lottery sales and can build their business by offering the fun and excitement of Florida Lottery games

Considering adding the Florida Lottery to your business? Becoming a Florida Lottery retailer comes with countless benefits for your bottom line.

As an official lottery retailer, you'll earn a sales commission for every ticket sold without any initial investment.

In recent years, the average Florida Lottery retailer added over $32,000 to their annual earnings from lottery ticket sales. And if your location sells a jackpot or top prize winning ticket, you could earn a bonus commission of up to one hundred thousand dollars.

We call that a big win all around.

Selling tickets from the Florida Lottery also increases foot traffic in your store and boosts overall customer purchases. On average, customers buying lottery tickets spend 65 percent more than non-lottery customers, and an incredible 95% of customers purchasing lottery tickets buy at least one additional item.

The Florida Lottery is also committed to supporting education and has contributed tens of billions of dollars to Florida education since 1988.

When you become a Florida Lottery retailer, you begin actively supporting education in your community and throughout Florida with every ticket sold.

Ready to apply? Submit your application today.

Why Become a Retailer?

Join our network

  • Create an additional revenue stream

    Florida Lottery retailers have earned more than $6.4 billion in commissions and bonuses.

  • Make a positive impact in your community

    A portion of every Lottery ticket sold benefits education in communities across Florida. Retailers have helped generate more than $42 billion for students and schools.

  • Increase sales of non-lottery products

    Florida Lottery customers spend an average of $10.35 per visit, compared to $6.27 for non-Lottery customers. Additionally, 95% of Lottery customers buy at least one additional item during their visit.

Become a Retailer

Join our winning team

Become an official Florida Lottery retailer in two steps!

  1. Contact your nearest Lottery District Office to request a site visit. A Lottery sales representative will visit your business to conduct an initial review and answer any preliminary questions.

  2. Complete the appropriate retailer application and required forms. A Lottery sales representative can assist in the completion of these forms, if needed. Once completed, a Lottery sales representative will submit your application forms; do not mail these forms. Use this Retailer Application Checklist to ensure your application package is complete.

Under the Federal Privacy Act, disclosure of a person's Social Security number is voluntary unless a Federal statute specifically requires such disclosure or allows states to collect the number. In connection with filing an application to become a Florida Lottery retailer, disclosure of the applicant's Social Security number is required by rule 26 U.S.C.A. s. 6109 for tax reporting purposes. The applicant's Social Security number will also be used in performing the background investigation necessary to implement Section 24.112, Florida statutes, because the Social Security number is used as an identifier in the databases searched. The Lottery may also provide this information to law enforcement agencies to enforce criminal laws. Under Section 119.071(5), Florida Statutes, an agency may collect Social Security numbers if it is imperative for the performance of the agency's duties and responsibilities. Notice is hereby provided that for retailer applicants that are legal entities, it is imperative that the Lottery use the Social Security numbers of members, partners, officers, directors, etc., to conduct the background investigations necessary to implement Section 24.112, Florida Statutes, because the Social Security number is used as an identifier in the databases searched.

So you want to become a Florida Lottery retailer? That's great news!

Applying is simple and straightforward. Just fill out a few forms and make an appointment with a Florida Lottery sales representative, and you'll be on your way to becoming a Florida Lottery partner.

Let's take a closer look at how to get started.

Visit and start your application process on the Retailers main page. Download the Retailer Application and other required documents. Fill these out and put them in a safe place. Your Florida Lottery sales rep will help you submit these forms during their visit.

Contact your local Florida Lottery district office by phone or email to request a visit from a local sales representative.

You can also contact our business development team or call our customer service line.

Once your sales rep has inspected your location and collected your paperwork, you can expect eight to ten business days for application processing.

Your initial application fee is $100. This fee covers processing and a background check for retailer applicants.

You're all done! We look forward to welcoming you to the Florida Lottery retailer family.