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Frequently Asked Questions

If you forgot your password, click here and we’ll send you an email with a verification code. Once you receive the verification, click here, select ENTER VERIFICATION CODE, and input the code from your email. Once entered, you will be required to update your password. (If you do not see an email from the Florida Lottery, check your spam or junk folder). It is important NOT to use any special characters (such as &, #, $, %) in the registration name, password or address fields.

First, check to see if your CAPS LOCK key is on. Passwords are case sensitive. If this doesn’t work, it’s possible you may not have registered your email address and password on this website. If this is your first time submitting entries online, you must register before you can log in and submit entries. To register, click here to complete and submit your registration information.

Please visit the Site Requirements section of our website for information on the technologies needed to fully experience our site. If you have the necessary technologies installed and enabled on your computer and are still experiencing problems, please send an email to our Customer Service Department letting us know what problem you are experiencing. We will assist you via return email. The more details you can provide about your problem, the better chance we will have of quickly resolving the issue. If you are unsure or have additional questions, please contact the Florida Lottery's Customer Service Department at (850) 487-7787.

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