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Security FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Florida Lottery is highly scrutinized, audited and observed. Every drawing is conducted under strict security guidelines and procedures to ensure that every player is guaranteed a fair chance to win. Additionally, all Florida Lottery drawings are monitored by an independent auditor and a Florida Lottery draw manager. When a drawing is not taking place, all equipment is stored under lock and key in a secured location.

To claim a prize, a person must present valid photo identification and a social security number for US citizens.

The Florida Lottery’s Retailer Integrity Program encourages players to contact the Florida Lottery if they feel a clerk has been deceptive. The Division of Security follows up on and investigates all complaints received. In addition, the Florida Lottery has over seven thousand self-service validation terminals installed at high volume retailers to prevent ticket theft.

The Florida Lottery has an internal database that tracks multiple winners and looks for any irregularities. This extensive tracking is conducted by the Lottery's Office of Inspector General and Division of Security.

A winning ticket is considered a "bearer instrument,” and the person presenting a winning ticket for payment is the one paid. But if changes have been made to the player information area on the back of a ticket through the use of correction fluid, overwriting, or obliterating a prior entry, an investigation is conducted by the Lottery Division of Security to determine the rightful owner of the ticket. The Division of Security has a forensic lab and document examiner who conducts investigations and inspections of lottery documents to make a determination.

Yes, retailers will offer to give back any non-winning tickets or dispose of them. If the retailer does not offer to return your non-winning tickets, you may request them. If a retailer refuses, please contact the Florida Lottery's Division of Security.